Make Business Communication Faster and more Effective

Send and receive video, audio, and screen recordings and do things quicker than ever. Give more facetime to your customers without making video calls.

Async messaging made easy

Maximize your client interactions with FluentMessage’s asynchronous messaging platform – more face time and fewer live calls.

  • Quick questions & answers
  • Screen Sharing
  • Video & Audio Recording
  • Messaging on any timezones
  • Group sessions
  • Get more done in less time

Designed for Customer-Centric Businesses

Good communication is key to maintaining strong relationships with your clients. FluentMessage’s async messaging platform allows you to stay in touch without the need for constant live calls.

Designed for


Offer your clients a convenient and flexible way to communicate via video, audio, or text. This allows you to coach more clients without needing additional live calls.

Designed for


Communicate with multiple clients without the need for additional phone calls. It’s a convenient way for clients to communicate with you using video, audio, or text messaging.

Designed for


Communicate with your colleagues, clients, or contractors in a single location by sharing a link. All messages can be organized and threaded within this platform.

How to use FluentMessage?

Starting using FluentMessage in a few clicks

Onboard a new client

Initiate a new conversation thread with a single click. You can choose to record a video or audio message, share your screen, or simply type a message to welcome the client.

Share the link and start the conversion

Share the link with your team or customer and start the conversion. Offer your clients a convenient and flexible way to communicate via video, audio, or text. Send messages on your own time while giving more facetime to your customers ot team. Stay in touch from anywhere, anytime.